Great Southwest Adventures was started in 1998 by Monique Schoustra and Tom Ribe who met in graduate school at the University of Oregon. Tom has been doing environmental education since 1977 and Monique since 1996. Tom is a New Mexico native and Monique has lived in New Mexico since 1988. Monique Schoustra is out President and CEO.

Bruce Bannerman our senior guide is a native of northern New Mexico. Bruce has his BS from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is an expert on New Mexico culture, geology, ecology and history. He is an artist and a photographer as well. People comment on his  storytelling abilities and people enjoy their days with him. Visit his website by clicking here.

We also have others who guide for us including Dr. Carola Stearns, and Alex Krause. We select our guides carefully, insuring that you will have a safe day and a day full of carefully based information. All of us focus on having fun and helping you to see beyond the obvious as you tour our region. Look deeply with us and see things that will surprise you.

LaVonne Johnson is our reservation specialist. She'll greet you on the phone and do her best to get you out on a great day in New Mexico. LaVonne came from Minnesota and now works with us from her home office in Silver City. You will enjoy getting to speak with her. She loves to rescue animals, share jokes, and generally enjoy life!
All photos copyright Tom Ribe and Monique Schoustra.